10am Volcano Eruption Update

UPDATE: 10 a.m.

In just three days, lava has destroyed close to 500 homes at Vacationland and Kapoho Beach Lots in Pahoa.

“It hurts like hell,” said Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim at a briefing with emergency responders at the Hawaii County Civil Defense building early today. “What we lost is the most beautiful place on earth.”

Lava has overrun all of Vacationland where there were approximately 150 to 160 homes. At Kapoho Beach Lots, approximately 320 of 350 homes there are gone.

Civil Defense Spokeswoman Janet Snyder said Kim estimated a minimum of $5 million a mile is needed to repair destroyed roads.

Lava fountaining at fissure 8 fluctuated overnight, Hawaiian Volcano Observatory officials said, reaching heights up to 230 feet.

The activity from fissure 8 continues to feed a lava channel flowing east to Kapoho Bay. Although the northern lobe of the fissure 8 flow is not receiving significant quantities of lava and the formerly active lobe on the west side of the Four Corners cinder pit is now inactive, lava is entering the ocean along a broad front around Kapoho Bay and Vacationland.

No other fissures are active.