7am Update with closures

Due to the slowing of the hurricane, dangerous heavy rains and flooding are occurring in east Hawaii. Due to the heavy rain, the National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Warning for the windward side of the island. At this time, the slowing of the hurricane has also diminished the immediate threat of hurricane conditions of wind, rain, and surf on the west side of the island.
Due to the Flash Flood Warning, the following closures are in effect:
All non-emergency County operations are suspended, including transfer stations. The Hele On bus service will remain open.
• Numerous major and secondary roads are closed. Due to the extreme hazards created from the heavy rain, stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary.
Although there are no imminent threats to the west side of the island, residents should stay alert and informed as conditions may change at any time. Weather conditions are being monitored and you will be informed of any changes that may affect your safety.