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 A nonprofit group dedicated to recording whale songs wants to build a marine science center at Kawaihae Small Boat Harbor, and it’s secured support from a number of political, Native Hawaiian and marine backers. The applicant, Jupiter Research Foundation, is based in Los Altos, California, and Puako. In addition to its work with whales, the […]

In the pitch black world of lava tubes, scientists find a world of unique creatures A group of scientists and researchers exploring lava caves on the Big Island have discovered unique creatures living in lava tubes. (Full article @: HawaiiNewsNow) University of Hawaii associate professor of biology Megan Porter believes a handful of the species […]

Via BIVN– A bill that prohibits the purchase, use, sale, or distribution of plastic beverage bottles, utensils, stirring sticks, polystyrene foam containers, and straws by state and county agencies has passed out of the Hawaiʻi State Senate and is now in the House of Representatives. State Senator Mike Gabbard spoke in favor of SB522 SD2, a […]

Video at: KItv.com A 2,000 foot floating device launched in September to scoop-up plastic in the ocean, is in Hilo Harbor for repairs. The ambitious project to clean up some of the 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic in the “Great Garbage Patch” fell short after the U-shaped barrier broke just before the new year.  “About 40 feet of the 2,000 feet […]

Hawaii Wildlife Fund recognized for Cleaning Ka’u coastline.

On a recent day, the Hawaii Department of Health’s website reported zero sulfur dioxide parts per million at each of several monitors placed around the island in response to the eruption.

The state says the Notice of Violation states that Hū Honua violated Hawai‘i Revised Statutes for discharging pollutants without authorization. Discharges without permit authorization are strictly prohibited to protect human and environmental health from exposure to pollutants, which can cause serious and sometimes irreparable harm.

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