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Via USGS– One of the most frequently asked questions of USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) scientists over the last several months has been, “Is the eruption over?” It’s no surprise that Hawai‘i Island residents would like to see Kīlauea’s activity behind them, given its toll on lower Puna communities this summer. The lower East Rift […]

An unknown amount of wastewater was discharged from the treatment system at the Hu Honua Bioenergy site north of Hilo on Nov. 9, the health department announced Friday. The discharge came from a treatment tank that held wastewater used to clean boilers at the power plant.

Big Island Dairy owners confirmed Tuesday that the company will discontinue dairy and milk processing operations at the Ookala facility for financial reasons.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park officials say Thursday that unwanted visitors have been found on the grounds: Little Fire Ants. The red ants, which are no longer in size than the thickness of a penny, have been found in the popular Stream Vents area and Mauna Ulu parking lot.

The State Department of Health is holding a public hearing in Hilo on Wednesday regarding the future of a new power plant. The Hu Honua Bioenergy facility on the Hamakua Coast would burn eucalyptus trees to generate electricity. Some say that its clean, renewable energy, but other community members have serious environmental concerns.

HILO — Big Island residents will no longer be able to recycle several types of plastic products at county recycling and transfer stations starting Dec 1. The Hawaii County Department of Environmental Management announced that, because of changes to global recycling markets, the county no longer can accept No. 5 plastics, plastic grocery bags or […]

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