It takes just 15 minutes to prepare this delicious Coconut Blueberry Crisp featuring warm, bubbly blueberries capped by a crunchy cap of oats and coconut.


Toss together blueberries, sugar, cornstarch, orange zest, orange juice and salt. 

Make it a crisp with oats, flour, brown sugar salt and butter and coconut flakes.

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When shopping for recipe ingredients, make sure you grab the unsweetened coconut flakes, NOT the sweetened.  They’re right next door to each other on the grocery store shelves except one is in large, pretty flakes and the other is often clumped together within the bag.  

The unsweetened flakes are perfect in this recipe as the blueberries are naturally sweet and the crisp topping doesn’t need any additional sugar.  Large, pretty flakes it is!  Plus the unsweetened coconut flakes have no other ingredients listed except coconut.  Just as it should be.

Obviously, it’s perfectly paired with a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream.  The rivers of cool ice cream that snake around the streusel-like topping?  Heaven, I tell you.  Absolute, heaven.

Cosmic Cowgirl