Deep Dish Bubble Pizza

Written by on September 13, 2019

This adaptable Deep Dish Bubble Pizza from Melanie Makes gets its name thanks to a shortcut crust made of refrigerated biscuits.  When they bake, they bubble up and around the pizza toppings placed on top, turning a golden brown and deliciously flaky.

No yeast or rolling dough required – the no-fuss base of this Deep Dish Bubble Pizza comes from refrigerated biscuits!

Prepare the toppings while the biscuits pre-bake, add layers of topping, sauce & cheese for a fully customizable deep dish pizza experience…

Looking for a dinner shortcut?  I love to prepare this Deep Dish Bubble Pizza during lunch and then place it back in the oven covered with foil to reheat when we’re ready for dinner.  After an hour in a 350 degree oven, dinner is ready. Get the full recipe at Melanie Makes.

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