Emergency Training Info

Emergency Training Information for You

To sign up for the Community Emergency Response Team training:
Go to www.hawaiicert.org check out the calendar dates & locations
(4 consecutive Saturdays) Waimea training starts Sat. 4/27/2019. 
To register for this free training email douscelle(at)aol.com Doug Wilson

To sign up for free ham radio training & test ($15):
see the same calendar for dates and email the address above douscelle[at]aol.com to register.
Waimea training starts 5/23/2019 for 6 weeks on Thursday evenings. 

To learn the CERT Community Emergency Response Team training,
go online to free classes (however you will not be considered a County of Hawai’i member unless you take the physical training mentioned above):   WWW.SAFEANDREADY.ORG

Disaster Resistant Communities:  www.drc-groups.com  
To practice and learn disaster planning & preparedness, response, recovery & mitigation services (Great for community organizations, hospitals, schools & government agencies.  Here you’ll find a “Just In Time Disaster training” library.  This also provides a “Campus Shield Exercise Initiation” providing school & school district mgmt., teachers, staff & administrators a comprehensive means of assessing disasters and emergency planning & recovery capabilities for many scenarios.

For questions, call the host of Healing Consciousness,
April Lee, 808-989-5995 or email april5995[at]icloud.com