Hurricane Lane Has Stalled…Civil Defense

This is a Civil Defense hurricane update for Thursday, August 23 at 6:00 in the morning.

Hurricane Lane has stalled causing conditions of heavy rain and flooding continuing since last night. Dangerous driving conditions and flooding are occurring from Waipio Valley south to Volcano. You are asked to stay off the roads due to extreme hazards created by the heavy rainfall. This heavy rainfall is expected to continue due to Hurricane Lane stalling. The positive side of this is that all immediate threats of rain, wind, and surf to the west side of the island have diminished for now.

All motorists and residents on the windward side, from Waipio Valley south to Volcano, are advised to remain on the alert for continuing, dangerous flooding conditions. Due to the flash flooding conditions, there are several road closures on major highways, as well as secondary roads, in effect at this time. Be aware that additional closures can occur without warning.  

Conditions are being monitored and you will be kept informed of major closures as best as possible. All motorists and residents of effected areas are urged to use extreme caution and be aware of flooding conditions. This is a very dangerous situation and heavy rains are expected to continue.