Kohala Seniors Perform @ KNKR/Great Performance!

Mahalo to the fantastic Kohala Seniors as they came into the KNKR Kohala Radio Studios Monday, December 11 to sing Christmas Songs. Around 9:15 am, on the popular Uncle David’s Big Show, about 15 Seniors from the Kohala Senior Club performed many songs live on the radio. Bob Shoup, a member of the Kohala Senior Club and a KNKR volunteer, set up up the studio with microphones, chairs and everything else needed for this special event. Below are some pictures, a short video of their first song, and the entire audio 30 minute live performance. Enjoy, Happy Holidays, and Mahalo again to the very talented Kohala Seniors.

Here is the video of their first song.

Here is the entire 30 minute performance. Listen and enjoy.