KNKR 96.1 FM is a listener supported, non-commercial, nonprofit, community radio station in partnership with the Kohala High and Middle schools. We broadcast exclusively to North Kohala on Hawaii Island.

KNKR reflects the North Kohala community by offering programming by a wide variety of local volunteers. We encourage cultural diversity and provide a platform for creative expression.

KNKR promotes and broadcasts local community activities and events and presents local emergency broadcasting for the community.

Our mission is to provide programming that attracts sufficient listener support to keep KNKR on the air.


We believe that to be successful KNKR must be
• Volunteer based
• Listener supported
• A platform for free, open and balanced communication with an emphasis on cultural diversity
• Supportive of programming often ignored by commercial media
• About creative, innovative, experimental, as well as traditional programming
• Actively seeking community based programming, volunteers, and broadcasters


  1. North Kohala has a wide spectrum of individuals who will more than appreciate
    a “home grown” radio station. I hope that some rock music will also be included in the programming.
    GOOD LUCK & I’ll see you on the radio in September

  2. Hi – I moved to Kapa’au in January to work as the Wildlife Rehab Manager for the Hawaii Wildlife Center. A few different folks have advised me to check in with the station and see if there’s interest in me playing some of my music on the radio. I listen to metal; black metal, doom metal, sludge, crust punk and funeral doom plus some ambient/drone/atmospheric stuff too. I spent about $500 shipping my metal vinyl collection to Hawaii with me and have about 1,000 different records plus a huge digital library of cd’s and downloads. Not sure if this type of music is really anyone’s cup of tea but thought I’d check in and see. Much of the music is epic, sorrowful and nature themed as opposed to satanic/evil type stuff – that’s not really my jam

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