Guidelines For Public Service Announcements & KNKR’s Community Calendar 

As a community service, KNKR (a non-commercial broadcast outlet) provides PSAs for individuals and organizations (except for-profit businesses) wishing to promote events, meetings, seminars, arts and entertainment activities, or for requesting volunteers. PSAs are intended to promote events that benefit North Kohala residents.

PSAs (Public Service Announcements) are
pre-recorded or live on-air announcements. KNKR follows FCC regulations about
content and cannot offer any guarantee of time or frequency of broadcast. This
is a free service. PSAs are considered on a first come, first served, space
available basis.

does not air PSAs for sponsored religious
activities, political activities, solicitation for funds, asking for volunteers
to solicit funds, or membership-only events. KNKR does not air PSAs for events that are not open to the general public
or that are regularly scheduled events.

KNKR will air PSAs such as:

  • Cultural, educational,
    environmental, civic, pet, weather recovery, and health related events that, in
    our judgment, have an affinity with our community.
  • Fundraising events (to the extent
    of FCC regulations) which, in our judgment, have an affinity with our
  • Religious events, and other
    non-religious events at churches, synagogues, and other religious venues, or
    temporary relocation of services that are NOT ordinary regular activities.
  • Concerts, recitals, classes,
    lectures, and other secular events presented by churches and religious

can run from 10 to 60 seconds (95-150 words to be read aloud
at a normal pace).
KNKR reserves the right to decline any PSA request and reserves the right to edit
PSA content in accordance with FCC and station regulations.

Information about your event may be considered for placement on KNKR’s website: .

KNKR suggests that PSAs be voiced
by a representative of the organization submitting the PSA to
foster a more personal community connection;
however, KNKR on air volunteers will do the voice-over
if required. KNKR will then do the final editing to get your PSA ready to

Who  is  eligible
 for  PSAs
 on  KNKR?

All individuals and organizations, except for-profit  businesses.  At no time will a PSA be accepted from any for-profit business.

Submitting a PSA

PSA /Community  Calendar  requests may be  submitted by email to

Or by mail to:


 96.1  FM

P. O.
 Box  190778

 HI  96719

Please include your name, organization, telephone number, email address, and script.  PSAs should be submitted in finished written form

To maximize effectiveness, PSAs should be submitted well in advance of the event. The more lead-time we have the better chance of your PSA getting sufficient airtime.

PSAs submitted 10 days or less before the scheduled date of the event may not be completed in time for airing.

Expect a response to
your PSA request within 3 days .

will then get a choice of available recording times. Your final script must be approved
prior to arrival for recording. To schedule an appointment, please use the
email address above.

If there is a question as to whether an announcement is compliant, please contact the PSA Director at