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Influenced by folk, jazz and blues at the confluence of the cowboy & hippie cultures and conceived as a means to creative freedom for musicians, the Cosmic Cowboy movement is characterized by rocked up country.

For? Music lovers! Toe tapping, hip shaking, western swinging, honkey tonkin’~  Avett Brothers to Frank Zappa, Tuesday & Thursday mornings 7 to 11 the Cosmic Cowgirl program explores the roots and fruits of the CC movement.


Born at an early age, The Cosmic Cowgirl developed a precocious association with connotation and denotation. On her home world, in the land of hyperbole, they celebrate the pun, boast the best sculling, and promulgate live music culture.

Given to pondering the vagaries/subtleties of language, spoken and non and it’s impact on the detail and topography of our internal maps, with who’s paying attention to what and how well, and the disposition of creative energies, Cosmic Cowgirl favors non sequiturs and novel realities involving Venn diagrams and the impermanence of right & left.

A Lifestyle Artist and general gad about, by expanding the vibration of superlative relaxation, the Cosmic Cowgirl invites the universe to creative recompense. Current pastimes run to manifesting abundance, perfect beach hair, oblique learning and giddyap.


  • Tuesday - 7:00 am - 10:00 am
  • Thursday - 7:00 am - 11:00 am