Kukakuka with Kalani

Hosted by:

Jeffrey Coakley


  • talk show

Kukakuka with Kalani, Host, Jeffrey Coakley





4/5/2018 Kukakuka with Kalani; Jeffrey Coakley and his guests discuss alternative medicines, essential oils, and more.

3/29/2018 Kukakuka with Kalani; Jeffrey Coakley, Guests Malcolm & Daniel, and Len Winkler talk story about athletics and the Olympic Dream

3/22/2018 Kukakuka with Kalani;Sharks with Host Jeffrey Coakley & guests

3/8/2018 Keeping Kohala Kohala (special 2 hour show featuring 6 guests)

3/1/2018 Bob Martin, Jeffrey Coakley & Guests discuss Leprosy.

2/8/2018 Bob Martin, Jeffrey Coackley, Lorna Lim

2/1/2018 Bob Martin, Jeffrey Coakley, Len Winkler

1/18/2018 Bob Martin, Jeffrey Coakley, & Nani Svendsen

1/11/2018 Bob Martin, Jeffrey Coakley, “hana buttah days in Niulii” with Nani Svendsen and Henry Ah Sam


  • Thursday - 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Monday - 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm Encore Presentation


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