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Hosted by Karl T. and Len Winkler on Saturdays; you can buy, sell, and trade your items, and even have a little fun.

20140604_102228Len Winkler hosted a nationally syndicated talk radio show, originating from Phoenix KFNN, 1510am, for more than 6 years, broadcast on over 70 radio stations, shortwave, and streamed on the net, from early 1991 till late 1997.

You can list items in 5 ways

  1. Call in live on the show, 884-KNKR(5657)
  2. Mail item list to:

Swap Shop, KNKR
P.O. Box 190778
Hawi, Hi. 96719

  1. E-Mail items to swapshop@knkr.org
  2. Fill out & submit form below, on this page.
  3. Drop off your list of items at the station.

The Swap Shop Rules

  • Limit 5 items per on air entry, 10 via mail & e-mail. Please include phone number, item descriptions, and prices with your SwapShop entry.
  • You may call one time per week only
  • NO PERSONAL ADS (seeking companionship, dates, etc.)
  • Lost & Found items & animals accepted.
  • NO BUSINESSES (private individuals only)
  • No firearms of any kind. This includes FOR SALE and WANTED firearms. Not a political statement.  It is not advised to buy, sell or trade firearms and other weapons on the Swapshop; it is recommended that if you wish to buy, sell or trade firearms you do so with a reputable, licensed and registered firearms dealer.

Items can only be called in during the open line edition of the program. Items called in outside of the open line edition of SwapShop will not be accepted.

RADIO STATION DISCLAIMER:  KNKR   does not endorse or warranty any item you might purchase as the result of listening to SwapShop.  

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