Tropical Storm Olivia Update: Tuesday Afternoon

 9/11/18 3:45PM

The Central Pacific Hurricane Center reports that as of 2:00 pm, Tropical Storm Olivia is located 135 miles NE of Hilo, with sustained winds of 55 mph, moving WSW at 21 mph.  The National Weather Service forecasts increasing wind speeds throughout the afternoon and overnight, particularly for the northern half of Hawaii Island.

Due to the Tropical Storm Warning for HI Island, the following advisories are in effect: 

  • A Tropical Storm Warning is issued when there is a high probability of tropical storm force winds expected anytime within the next 36 hours.
  • High Surf Warning for east facing shores of Hawaii Island, from Cape Kumukahi to Upolu Point.
  • Flash Flood Watch for Hawaii Island. Do not cross fast flowing water in your vehicle or on foot. Turn around don’t drown! 

For your additional information: 

  • The Department of Education reports that all schools on Hawaii Island will be open tomorrow
  • Hawaii Police Department reports all roads open at this time
  • All County and State parks are open at this time
  • Closures of parks and roadways may occur without notice 

Civil Defense is monitoring the storm and will keep you informed of any changes that may affect your safety.

Thank you and have a safe day. This is your Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency.