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Underwriting on KNKR


KNKR, Kohala Radio, is a non-commercial, all volunteer, FM community radio station located in Hawi. We are a registered nonprofit organization serving all of North Kohala.



Our Mission Statement:

Kohala Radio is a listener supported, non-commercial, nonprofit, community radio station in partnership with the Kohala High and Middle schools. We broadcast exclusively to North Kohala on Hawaii Island. KNKR reflects the North Kohala community by offering programming by a wide variety of local volunteers. We encourage cultural diversity and provide a platform for creative expression. KNKR promotes and broadcasts local community activities, news, weather, and events and presents local emergency broadcasting for the community. Our mission is to provide programming that attracts sufficient listener support to keep KNKR on the air.


Our Mission Statement

Our Annual Budget:

Although we have no paid staff, and have completed purchasing our broadcast equipment, our current annual expenses total $44,000, no small sum to keep us on the air. All of our volunteers financially support the station, and donors and listeners contribute as well.

Underwriting is a way for us to offer a unique service to businesses and nonprofits while providing another funding source to help keep us going.


KNKR is partners with area schools


The FCC allows non-profit non-commercial stations to fund themselves through the sale of underwriting.

Underwriting is a form of non-promotional advertising regulated by the FCC. KNKR is a locally based station, so if you are a locally based business, our audience is your customer base. Since we are an isolated community, businesses outside of Kohala have no radio options to reach the Kohala audience. KNKR can solve that problem and provide a way for you to make Kohala residents aware of your products and services. Underwriting messages can increase local awareness of your business and show your support for community based media. We also list our underwriters on our website and Facebook page.

The FCC rules control all underwriting messages. These rules allow us to include:

1)  Company name, location, telephone number, web address.

2)  An established corporate slogan provided it is not promotional.

3)  Value neutral description of products and services

4)  Vendor or trade names of products and services offered

5)  Length of time the company has been in business

And we cannot include:

1)  Calls to action (“this is a deal you can’t pass up” or “come on down”)

2)  Promotional or qualitative language (“the best ice cream”)

3)  Price information (our fees are only 3%)

4) Inducements to buy or sell (20% off)

Our KNKR underwriting staff will work with you to create your message. Messages are limited to 30 seconds, or about 40 to 60 words. We have a variety of rates and packages to fit any business budget as shown in our attached schedule. For more information:

KNKR listeners enjoy a variety of talk and music programming.

Be A KNKR Underwriter!

Underwriting from businesses is one of the key sources of income for small non-commercial community radiostations. It is also a popular way for businesses to show that they are community oriented and support important community projects.

We offering three flexible plans designed to help you reach your desired audience, and support KNKR at a level appropriate to your business as shown below. These plans offer up to 7 messages per week, but if you would like a plan with larger numbers of messages per week we can give you a quote for that. Or, if you want a plan with more unique features, we will be happy to consider it and provide a quote to you if it is feasible.

All three plans:


  • are based on a dollar per message pricing
  • provide costs for up to 7 messages a week (you can request quotes for additional messages per week)
  • offer discounts for increasing the number of weeks contracted
  • include listing the name of your business and a link to your business website on the KNKR website
  • and include a onetime introductory eight week offer so you can test to see if underwriting meets your needs. If you decide that underwriting is not for you during this introductory offer, you can discontinue the plan and we’ll refund the value of your un-aired messages.


Putting “U” in CommUnity Radio

Which one will be best for your business? 

In Plan 1, messages are aired in all four of our daily Schedule Sections and on different days of the week. This way you get a wide range of listeners. The rate schedule for this plan is based on $4 per message.


Messages Placed Throughout Broadcast Schedule
Messages per week @ $4.00 per message One Time Only Introductory Offer           8 Weeks 13 Weeks 26 Weeks 39 Weeks 52 Weeks
1 $32.00 $49.92 $98.80 $145.08 $187.20
2 $64.00 $99.84 $197.60 $290.16 $374.40
3 $96.00 $149.76 $296.40 $435.24 $561.60
4 $128.00 $199.68 $395.20 $580.32 $748.80
5 $160.00 $249.60 $494.00 $725.40 $936.00
6 $192.00 $299.52 $592.80 $870.48 $1,123.20
7 $224.00 $349.44 $691.60 $1,015.56 $1,310.40
Discount 0% 4% 5% 7% 10%

Page 2

Plan 2 is similar to Plan 1, but in this plan you can designate the daily Schedule Sections to place your messages:


  1. the morning drive time 7 am to 10 am,
  2. the mid-day section 10 am to 4 pm,
  3. the afternoon drive time 4 pm to 6 pm, and
  4. theevening section from 6 pm to 10 pm.

In plans that are 26 weeks or longer, you can vary your Schedule Sections monthly. This plan is based on $6 per message.


Messages Placed On Schedule Sections You Choose
Messages per week @ $6.00 per message One Time Only Introductory Offer           8 Weeks 13 Weeks 26 Weeks 39 Weeks 52 Weeks
1 $48.00 $74.88 $148.20 $217.62 $280.80
2 $96.00 $149.76 $296.40 $435.24 $561.60
3 $144.00 $224.64 $444.60 $652.86 $842.40
4 $192.00 $299.52 $592.80 $870.48 $1,123.20
5 $240.00 $374.40 $741.00 $1,088.10 $1,404.00
6 $288.00 $449.28 $889.20 $1,305.72 $1,684.80
7 $336.00 $524.16 $1,037.40 $1,523.34 $1,965.60
Discount 0% 4% 5% 7% 10%

Plan 3 is similar to both of the above plans, but in this plan you can specify the exact days and the hour you want your messages aired. As in Plan 2, in contracts which are 26 weeks or longer, you can change your Days and Specific Hours.  This plan is based on $8 per message.


Messages Placed On Days and Specific Hours You Choose
Messages per week @ $8.00 per message One Time Only Introductory Offer           8 Weeks 13 Weeks 26 Weeks 39 Weeks 52 Weeks
1 $64.00 $99.84 $197.60 $290.16 $374.40
2 $128.00 $199.68 $395.20 $580.32 $748.80
3 $192.00 $299.52 $592.80 $870.48 $1,123.20
4 $256.00 $399.36 $790.40 $1,160.64 $1,497.60
5 $320.00 $499.20 $988.00 $1,450.80 $1,872.00
6 $384.00 $599.04 $1,185.60 $1,740.96 $2,246.40
7 $448.00 $698.88 $1,383.20 $2,031.12 $2,620.80
Discount 0% 4% 5% 7% 10%