OCT 21, 2014


Aloha All,


The programming meeting on Oct. 21st was well attended in our new studios next to Sunshine Hardware. Some of the great programming ideas were: broadcasting high school sports, call in talk shows at various times, local crime report, slack key music program, "Kohala Connections", highlighting what all the non-profit organizations are doing in the community, a gardening/farming show, a program where Kapuna can talk story, local historical facts and interviews with the Kapuna of the community, Live music with local musicians in the studios, mentoring high and middle school students, programming produced by students in the studio and at school, all kinds of musical genres,and interviews with local vendors at the Sat. market.

Just some of the ideas that people expressed at the meeting.


Some of the important issues at hand for the programming committee and the station at large, which need to be addressed are:


1. How does KNKR best serve the community?

2.  What are our values and are they in sync with the community.

3. How do we make sure the each person who hosts a show, is in tune     with the purpose and  goals of the station.

4. What are the parameters to decide who and what is appropriate for the station.


We will be working on these important, basic issues in the near future.


Next programming meeting on 11/18/14 Tue. at the studios.