So, do you want to be a KNKR 96.1FM DJ?

then fill out this application form and hand in your demo at one of the meetings or come and record it at our studio when we are able to book a slot for you

alternatively you can download the KNKR Programmers application form here, hand it in at one of the meetings or mail it to us at:

P. O. Box 190778
Hawi, HI 96719

Fields marked with an * are required


PLEASE SUBMIT SEPARATELY WITH THIS APPLICATION: (If you have ANY questions about submittal please contact: programming {at} knkr {dot} org

Attn: Program Director

1. A sample play list for proposed show length
2. Sample list of artists (at least 10)
3. A demo of the show (mp3, CD, or USB) with a duration of approx. 5-10 minutes

Commitment: Hosting a show, even a volunteer one at KNKR, requires a serious commitment in time and resources. I understand that if my show is selected, I will be asked to sign a Programmer Contract and adhere to all policies and procedures of KNKR in addition to following all the FCC rules and regulations.

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